Command editing permissions

Hey, i have observed that my moderators can change/add commands in nightbot. I wanted to know if there are some admin controls or permission settings so that only me or the people i select can change commands.

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Greetings @Lazyk! :hugs:

Sadly, I don’t think there is a way to disable the control of moderators to commands. Moderators have the right to add, remove or edit commands. If you have the person as a moderator, you should be able to control them and tell them that they cannot do such a thing. You can always see who touches your commands so you can monitor them. :smile:

However, you can change the user setting in which who can use the !commands. Just go to your dashboard’s command and select “default”. I hope I have helped!

Hey @Lazyk!

As With_Vince said, you should have control over your mods, if they can’t follow your directives they’re unreliable mods and I suggest unmodding them.

Now, for the solution, here’s a simplified and straight forward way to change who has access to mod level !commands, first go here, then:

If you want selected people to be able to add commands, add them as Nightbot managers (both you and your mod will need to go there):

Your manager will then be able to add new commands from the dashboard.

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