Combination death/kill counter needed

I have attempted to use multiple threads to create this but I keep getting errors and I’m not doing something right. I would like to set up a command that chat can type, such as !killdeath, which will show a tally of how many times I’ve died and how many kills I’ve gotten. I also need a reset for each command. The latest thread I tried was for a win/lose set up which I thought would work by changing a few words but this is all I get in return:


I added the commands from this thread, (Win-Loss Counter with customapi), changing Wins, Losses, to Kills, Deaths in the ‘gulag’ command, which would act as my !killdeath command. Regardless of how many times I type !addkills or !adddeaths, when I type !killdeath, I get what’s in the screenshot, so I obviously messed something up. Any help at all will be so greatly appreciated!

You most likely entered the private or public tokens wrong make sure that there are no spaces in the commands around them that is the error I do myself most often and make sure they are the correct ones to. (They match and you haven’t used them before)

I verified the tokens and they are correct. But thank you for the reply/suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey @space_troutak!

Not sure what else could be wrong. :thinking:
Are you positive you haven’t mixed up the PUBLIC_TOKEN and PRIVATE_TOKEN? The PUBLIC_TOKEN is 8 characters long, and the PRIVATE_TOKEN is 16 characters long, both are use at different places in the commands.

If you’re sure of yourself regarding the tokens, it may be a good idea to copy/paste your code here, by masking the PRIVATE_TOKEN, just so we can have a look at it.

I finally got it to work. I deleted all the commands completely and started over. Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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Glad you managed to fix it yourself!

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