Cmg api command?

Can anyone find the json link that will return the .json data from this
m trying to return wins, losses and Wr %.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I see this returns data from specific teams but not overall data.

The record and win / loss ratio are written in the html. An external script would be needed :frowning:

Hey @heskeylane!

You could shoot an email to the website to know what are their API for user profiles, I can’t find any documentation.
Otherwise we could work with the second link you provided, it’s not ideal but it could work, there’s the wins and losses in the JSON so we can get the win/loss ratio.

Yea thanks! I got the data needed from that second link but its useless as the player can only play on one team at a time and must leave his previous team to join a new one. Ill drop them an email for sure but I don’t have much hope. Thanks for the reply!

Ah yeah, if the teams change every game then that’s an issue. Hopefully they have profiles API links.
I’ve tried looking into which API URL the page calls when it loads, but I couldn’t find your profile in it.

Yea I was doing the same and struggling to find anything useful. Ill give them a bell and post here if they get back to me. Grateful for your time GOAT!

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