!clipkill/death auto update !lastkill/death

I’ve trawled through forums, youtube, the entire www.internet…

I’ve seen !clipkill commands on Twitch grabbing a 30sec clip & automatically updating !lastkill with said clip - we currently do this manually via !editcom !lastkill cliplink

How on eeaaarth do you have one command automatically update another?

If someone could explain this wizardry I’d be forever grateful.


It’s pretty simple all you have to do is alias the !editcom command in the clipkill command assuming it outputs the link.

!addcom !clipkill -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !lastkill **Normal ClipKill command that outputs link here**
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Whatttt I thought Normal ClipKill command that outputs link here - this would generate some weird re / duplicate clipping situation!

Thank you thank you thank you :raised_hands: :purple_heart:

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