!clip command and script

I tried Googling and looking for the script too copy and paste a !clip command on Twitch using only Twitch stuff. I seen all kinds like clips to YouTube and send them to Discord, I don’t want any of that. I just want the latest clip someone made appear in my chat with a link to the proper clips twitch tv page. I can’t add a link to show you the proper page here.
I don’t want a clip generator or go to an odd page to make a clip of my channel then copy that link thing either.

I would love it if I hit !clip and this link appeared and if a new one was made tonight it would send them to the newest one. I heard Nightbot had a built in command of this but I can’t find it. I heard StreamLabs Cloudbot can custom commands but I don’t see any thing to copy and paste into the “Response” section.

I can’t code myself so if there was a code I can copy and paste from that would be great. Kinda like how !uptime works it looks like this
$(twitch $(channel) “{{HEAVENSARMY}} has been live for {{uptimeLength}}”)
Just remove HEAVENSARMY and add your own channel name, easy.

See Vxrl’s clip generator.

I will try this tonight, This looks like I can copy and paste too so thanks.

An update to me trying to find a working code. The code

$(urlfetch api.thefyrewire/twitch/clips/create/c06ebacbd9f3e96e537f7dbab79345fe?channel=$(channel))

add https:// to api
add .com after wire due to links not being able to be added here

fromthefyrewire does not work for what I wanted. What this does is make a lip the moment !clip is typed in chat and worse it says I make the clip not the person who typed it. So if you want a code like this? Then this is that, I do not want a clip command like that.

@RokettoJanpu This command did not work. It did the same thing as other commands that require to make a code from some site. All this does is make a clip in my name of the last 30 seconds of my live stream. I want my viewers who did make a clip, fire off !clip and it posts their clip in my chat. Not creation one when !clip is punched in.

Still looking for a working !clip command that I can copy and paste into Nightbot and it does what I asked for! Please Help!

Anyone know a working command or if these commends do work, what do I need to change to make them work for what I asked? Trying to keep this open because !clip is worth it for all streamers. Especially one that works like the old ones did, it doesn’t make a clip but posts the last clip made in chat so all can view the funny/great moments.

No custom API has been made to get the latest clip created from a stream. You can commission someone to write such an API for your use, but one should note the way in which Twitch exposes clip info makes grabbing the latest clip created from a stream a nontrivial task.

@RokettoJanpu Isn’t that strange that we have Twitch bots and clips are apart of Twitch but no !clip commands? I had it before on another bot but they went rogue and started charging people to use their bot.

So main question since no one has a code, Who do I ask to commission this? Nightbot should get this implemented and any other Twitch bot if your looking to grow on Twitch.

You can commission a freelance programmer who is ideally familiar with writing code to interact with APIs such as the Twitch API as linked above.

Again thanks for the quick replies. What freelance? Is this a person or company? I need a name to Google or something. I have no contacts like freelancers or anyone like this to help my channel grow, If I had contacts like that I might be doing a little better. Anyway off topic, How do I go about this step by step?

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