Clearing queue and age

is there a command for clearing the songlist instead of !delsong one by one and also an account age command example : this user has been on twitch " … "

Accountage command: !addcom !accountage $(twitch $(touser) "$(user), $(touser)'s account was created {{createdLength}} ago")
More information:

I don’t believe it’s possible to clear the entire queue. Docs can be found here:

is it possible to do it with this link?

!accountage $(user) has been on Twitch for $(urlfetch$(user))

i dont know if it should be $(user)) or $(channel))

I think that should work too, use $(user) if you want to find that user’s accountage, you can also use $(touser) if you want to do something like !accountage @another_user and find someone else’s account age.

Yes, but I’m unsure why you’d want to do it via an external api when there’s a native twitch implementation for use.

because i dont want to have to @ the user using $(touser) i just want it to say !accountage $(user) has been on twitch which

i tried changing it
!accountage $(twitch $(user), account was created {{createdLength}} ago")

In which case it’d be:

!addcom !accountage $(twitch $(user) "{{displayName}}, Your account was created {{createdLength}} ago")

Slight change in the syntax; $(user) is the twitch user being looked up and {{displayName}} is the reference to that user.

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