Choose a streamer at random?

Hello, and thank you.

I am relatively new to Nightbot, I have perused the forums and asked on Twitter but I see no immediate answer to my question. Er, which is:

Is there a way to create a timer which would automatically choose a streamer to promote - whether it be from the list of streamers I follow, are currently online, or from a list I would provide?


There isn’t an easy way to provide a list of eligible online streamers without the use a personal custom API. You’ll likely need to reach out to someone to create something that your looking for.

Even if they weren’t online, though that would certainly be preferred.

You think it’s possible to be done? To whom would I reach out to for such a thing?

You could seek around assistance on programming forums or hire someone to do the work for you. Given your requirements though there doesn’t look to be a pre-built solution out there already unless it’s a fixed list of users.

If you just have a small list of users you could do this using Eval: (see the 8ball example)

Thank you! I will use the 8bot example and modify that, for at least the time being. tysm.

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