Check if user is online

Can nightbot check if a specific player is online?

By player you mean a channel? How do you want it to be shown in chat?
You can create something with the !uptime command like this:

!addcom !isup Status $(1): $(customapi$(1))


If you want a custom response, you need to create an own customapi.

sorry i worded it incorrectly,
I want to do a command. For example !status [name] and this would return Yes / True in the chat if that user is in the chatroom

Using thing that command:

Will return a time of how long they’ve been live, if live. Or “Steam is offline” if the stream is not live. As @xgerhard said any custom responses you will need to make yourself.

Not what i ment. But thanks i guese its not possible then.

Yes, I know what you mean. If you know how to create a Custom API it’s not that hard to build, you can use this page:

Is there a guide as how to create a custom API. I don’t mind learning it :smile:

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