Chat Logs - exporting/chat limits/multiple streams

I haven’t seen a recent post on these specifically so had a few questions:

  1. Is there a way to save or export chat logs (possibly as a .CSV) from YouTube streams?

  2. Is there a maximum amount of comments NightBot will store in the chat logs before it starts removing/replacing older comments?

  3. Can NightBot log chats from more than one video chat at a time e.g. a YT premiere and a livestream? How would it behave if one YouTube channel has multiple simultaneous live chats?

Haven’t found a ton of info around chat logs so hoping to clear things up. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  1. I do not believe there is anyway to export logs at-least that is documented.
  2. Nightbot store up to 10k messages in the logs and I think they expire after about a week if there is
  3. Nightbot should store logs from all the YouTube chats it is in and monitoring.

Thank you!

I did a test and it did log from multiple YouTube chats, however they all appeared in the same log without any way to see which chat the comment came from. Ideally they’d be separated by source chat somehow. Do you know if there’s a way around that?

No there’s only one log per nightbot account and there no way to differentiate chats sent from that I know of.

Hey @Midna!

A couple things that I feel are worth being specified:

Not at the moment, but something like this has been suggested before, and the devs are considering it.

NightBot can’t join Premiere chats.

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Thanks for clarifying, @Emily!

I did test out a YT premiere, and NightBot did log the comments. I didn’t try any in-chat commands though. It was also an instant premiere rather than a scheduled one so not sure if that would make a difference.

Thanks for your help as well, @potatoeaterlove


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