Chat is connecting, but not showing messages (mostly)

I’ve followed the instructions to install the OBS Chat and included the link with the CLR-Browser. The chat connects, but most of the time it does not show any messages. In the beginning, some messages were shown, now there are none at all. I’ve tested it with two different accounts while the stream was offline and both in OBS and my browser most messages were not shown. What could that be?

Link for CLR:

OBS Version: 0.64b, 32 Bit

CLR-Version: Newest

Operating System: Windows 7

  • Visual C++ 2013 12.0
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2

Browser: Google Chrome (Standard), Firefox (Tested)

I tested it today again. The first message was shown, but no messages afterwards.

OBS Chat connects to a shared server that essentially proxies chat. If you refresh or leave the page and are the only user connected to the channel, the system will part your channel. Doing this many times can sometimes cause your channel to get into an odd state. If you use OBS Chat, make sure you are using it as a global source in OBS to avoid repetitive disconnections.

Works fine, thank you very much!

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