Chat history is gone

Whenever I used to go into chats with bttv I could see the chat that was there before I arrived. Now, however, out of no where I can no longer see messages that were in the chat before I was. Everyone else I talk to says there chat history still works so maybe I changed a setting and am unaware of it?

BetterTTV chat history was deprecated because twitch has implemented their own method for getting chat history data which BetterTTV now uses. Twitch has slowly been rolling this out to some users, similar to other things they have done, but this does mean that if you don’t have that feature rolled out to you that you don’t see chat history. That is why some users can see it fine, while others cannot.

So does this mean that I can’t see chat history anymore? Or are you saying that I need to change settings to see it again?

It means that you will not be able to see chat history until Twitch rolls it out to your account. Once the feature has been rolled out, then you will once again be able to see chat history.

It’s been like a month or two but I guess it will come eventually… thanks.

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