Chat freezing sporadically

Hey there,

so I’ve got a problem with the onscreen chat which is really nagging me. It happens mostly between 10pm and 2am CEST (I would’ve posted this in your time zone but I don’t know on which you are) - the chat then stops displaying new messages but it won’t reconnect or displaying a message that it disconnected, it just freezes.

I can then try to restart the source (i use it as a global source) and it says connecting … connected to channel X - so it seems fine again, but still it won’t display new messages. I need to wait several minutes then for it to work again.

Hope you can help me out with this! Thank you very much for your efforts!

  • Raigee

I have the exact same problem, you have to restart the source to get it to re-connect but this is happening at least once a day for me now.

I made some modifications to how things work. Let me know if this is still an issue.

It’s still freezing a lot however fixes it self after a while, but then freezing again.

I can actually confirm this - it freezes a lot of times but resumes after some seconds to minutes now.

Oh, the Chat freeze is not a feature ?!? :stuck_out_tongue:
My Instreamchat freeze nearly every Day two or three times. If that happends, i have to uncheck/check the OBS Box to reconnect.

yes, but for me it’s not enough to uncheck/check because the source doesn’t reload then, I need to rightclick property and ok it to restart.

It happened yesterday again, but this time it said that it disconnected to night’s chat socket server, unfortunately there was no way to reconnect.

do you have installed the latest version of the CLR NightDev modified browser?

ya I have CLR repack v3 installed. I’ve been using NightDev’s Follower Alert and Streamtip with it, too - everything works just flawless. Also I’ve streamed yesterday evening from 8pm to like 3:30am CEST this morning and this time the chat worked flawless. I didn’t change anything.