Chat command to post an onscreen message in streamlabs

I’d like to be able to have a series of chat commands to allow chatters to request changes to my streaming set up, and I’d like that request to appear on screen, not just in chat.

I have several RGB lighting fixtures in my studio, and I would like to allow chatters request a change the lighting color in the studio.

For example,
A chatter would enter the following !redLights in chat, and an onscreen alert would show up saying “Chatter’s name” has redeemed Red Lights for five minutes.

I realize that at this time, I would have to switch the lights manually as my current hub does not have any API to automate this, but I’m okay with that. I just want to get notified on screen that the request has come in chat as I sometimes don’t notice chat events.

Hey @croakingtoadtv!

You’re on Nightbot’s forum, not Streamlabs’, so your request doesn’t belong here, but let me guide you towards a solution anyway.

Nightbot can’t display text on SLOBS.
You can create a duplicate of the commands to display the text in SLOBS since it now has a chatbot integrated within the app, or you can have all your lights commands on SLOBS only.
SLOBS has a great documentation so you should be able to find how to do what you want easily, but if you still need help, you can ask on their Discord support server.

Regarding the color change automation of your lights, you could use Lumia (which apparently has an integration with SLOBS) if your lights are compatible, or see if you can find something on IFTTT.

There you go, hope this helps.

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