Chat Alerts from Streamlabs

I found excellent article about the steps which I need to make my Nightbot to automatically wrote in chat when something happens (new follower, subscriber, raid, hosting and etc.). Here is the link: Nightbot Alerts In Chat
But I had to reset my Streamlabs alerts and chat box alerts are not functioning anymore. I tried many thing:

  1. I parted my channel with Nightbot,
  2. I changed my API in Streamlabs,
  3. I recreated all of the alerts in Streamlabs,
  4. I disconnected both Streamlabs and Nightbot to Twitch and then reconnected them again.
  5. I generated Access Token and Refresh Key again and I created a tie to a new application in Nightbot settings then I putted new Access Token in JS.

I seems like nothing helps. Nightbot works fine but I really want this alerts to appear in chat.
Thanks in advance for any useful suggestions!

Hey @torrvic!

Looks like the issue is with Streamlabs, you can ask for support on their Discord server.

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