Channel Points Not Automatically Being Collected

I recently changed to bitDefender antivirus and have been having trouble with BetterTTV ever since.

I’ve reviewed all my settings, turned off adblock, deactivated Encrypted Web Scan, cleared cookies and cache, and removed and reinstalled the extension (Chrome) and now my channel points are not automatically being collected.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hey @HometownTeam!

Please make sure you have Auto-claim Bonus Channel Points enabled in your BetterTTV settings.
If yes, then the issue is with your antivirus, we advise contacting their support because we can’t do anything about it, they may have a solution for when it interferes with a browser extension.

Hello Emily - I am super new to BetterTTV - where would the settings be? When I click on extensions, the options button is greyed out for BTTV and when I click on options within Twitch, there is no option for BTTV. I’m lost here.

Here’s a screenshot that should help:

Thank you - I did not have that checked; it must’ve become unchecked when I changed antivirus. Thanks again!

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