Channel points Highlighted Messages Ascii Spam

I would like to know if anybody knows of a command to input into nightbot that will automatically time out ascii spam in a highlighted message from channel points.

For example shown here: The bot has not automatically timed out the ascii spam even though usually it would.

“Highlight my message” should be a normal IRC message to my knowledge. Are you sure Nightbot filters that ASCII when it’s a normal message?

I am 100% sure it doesn’t, Nightbot is completely ignoring the highlighted ascii and only timing out regular ascii’s. It’s got to the point that the channel in question doesn’t get regular ascii’s no more because people have worked out if they wait for their channel points to grow they don’t get punished.

To add to this further (Hope this helps) the nightbot is usually timing out every other ascii that ever occurs in that channel. There is not a single ascii that has been filtered.

One thing to note, filtering particular ascii’s when it comes to nightbot is not an easy task. We attempted to do it in a larger stream the other day (Allow only toucan’s to be spammed) however to do that we would’ve had to enable all the ascii’s… It’s genuinely not easy so I know this streamer in question hasn’t filtered any ascii arts in his bot.
I’ve seen multiple ascii’s in that chat in the past be spammed and get timed out up until these channel points were released.

It would be nice to hear back from you about this…

Apologies for the delay in response. According to my testing it looks like highlighted messages are in fact ordinary chat messages that are being processed, so I see no reason why spam protection would not be functioning. If you can provide more information we can take a closer look:

  • Channel
  • Example chat message date + time + username + message content
  • Spam protection setting you think should have triggered

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