Channel Playlist

I’m not sure why but when I use the AutoDJ, half of the time it works as it should but half of the time it wont load any songs in my playlist and when I go to look at my playlist no songs show up. I know it isn’t my internet so i’m assuming more people would be having this issue. I have also found that if somebody requests a song through SoundCloud it usually just stops all music and NightBot bugs out. I am using the NightBot app for Windows. Does anybody know how to fix this issue yet? And is there a way to export my channel playlist into a normal YouTube playlist so I can just use YouTubes shuffle playlist option for my playlist until this is fixed?

There have been ongoing connectivity issues at the datacenter we host playlists among other services, which causes issues like this. We’re slowly moving things out of this datacenter, which should eventually solve this issue.

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