Channel emotes missing/not showing on one specific channel

Only one of the handful of channels I manage emotes for will not load/show emotes. Not in channel or emote list, but his other, shared emotes, ones do work fully.


You can see them loaded in the dashboard.

He is a Twitch streamer on channel FreakVR if you want to test

his discord server sees the emotes from BTTV but not Twitch

As someone who has been paying for BTTV Pro for over a year is there a better place to ask for help?

It started working now, problem is gone

Not all uploaded emotes are instantly active on channels. If you click into the emote and look in the upper right you will see the status of an emote after upload. If it is “awaiting review” then that means it must be manually approved before it can be used, which can take up to a week. Most emotes are automatically approved, and are usable shortly after upload (usually 10 minutes later after refreshing the Twitch channel page).

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