Change twitch stream title, status and tags custom command


I found this custom command !commands add !g_steam -ul=moderator -cd=5 -a=!game $(steam YOURSTEAMID "{{gameName}}") at [Nightbot] command to set game to your current steam game, and would like to know how I can modify it to change my stream title, status and tags.

Hey @schmittyd!

Not sure which data you plan to fetch from Steam to update your title and tags, but if you simply wish to update these without checking Steam there’s a simpler way: !title, !game, and !tags are all default commands.

If you really need to fetch Steam data, simply edit the command you found:

!addcom !g_steam -ul=mod -a=!game $(steam YOURSTEAMID "{{gameName}}")
!addcom !t_steam -ul=mod -a=!title $(steam YOURSTEAMID "SOMETHING_I_GUESS")
!addcom !tags_steam -ul=mod -a=!tags $(steam YOURSTEAMID "SOMETHING_I_GUESS")

You can’t update your stream status as it’s whether you’re live or not.
If you want to update your Steam status this isn’t possible from Nightbot as it can only fetch data from Steam.

The Steam portion is only to update the stream category with my current steam game.

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