Change the value of the counter in Nightbot from Twitch chat

Hey, I tried to find a thread that just allows you to simply change the value of a counter you have set up in Nightbot and couldn’t find it for the life of me. So I made one that works wonders! This command once added lets you edit your counter right from twitch chat!

!commands add !setrip -a=!commands edit !rip -c=$(eval $(1)-1)

For this command it calls !rip, however you can change it to whatever you named your death counter (or other counter). Simply change “!setrip” to whatever you want the command to be named and change “!rip” to the command that counts up on your counter (using the $(count) command).

So, if I type “!setrip 50”, it will edit “!rip” to be 49.

Then I just type “!rip” and it says “Beef has died 50 times”, and boom, your counter is back to where you want it!

Then just continue with your counter, if I typed “!rip” again it would say “Beef has died 51 times” etc…

Hope this helps!

Hello how is everything going

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