CC v.2 and Android TV/Google Cast problem

So I can’t figure this out. I have a Chromecast v.2 and a Sony Android TV (55X8505C) with Google Cast integrated.

When I watch 1080p60fps-streams I get problems. When I use my Chromecast v.2 (CC2) both audio and video stutter lag.

When I use my Android TV X8505C, the picture is perfect, but the sound is getting out of sync the longer you watch.

The CC2 has always been like this (I actually bought another one, same issue) but my TV did work until last Chrome update.

I made a quick YouTube-video to show you;

The same streams in less good quality works. Any suggestions what might be wrong here?

Unfortunately these are Google problems that we are not able to resolve, sorry. We simply pass Google the video stream, and it does the rendering of the video/audio. It’s possible the highest quality video stream is too high for the Chromecast, and it is unable to keep up. Hardware limitations like that are not something we can resolve either.

I see! That’s so sad of Google, but your service still rocks!