Categorical greeting responses for Youtube viewers

I’d like nightbot to respond to the command !Hi in a small variety of ways with two conditions. Basically if they are subscribed to the channel then I’d like nightbot to randomly choose one out of three preset greetings, and if they are not subscribed to my channel then they get a fourth greeting that also reminds them to subscribe. So, four greetings in total, One for unsubscribed viewers and three for subscribers with the bot choosing one of those three at random. I am a total novice at all of this and I basically copy and paste my JS commands… so I don’t know if I’m even asking this right, if im getting my point across, or if its even possible, but I appreciate any help.

Unfortunately there currently isn’t a method to determine if a user is subscribed to a channel within Nightbot’s variable system. The userlevels you can filter from are listed on the docs page.

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