Can't see some emotes?

I recently installed BetterTTV on chrome because I noticed on some channels that I couldn’t see a lot of emotes. After I installed it and went through the settings to make sure all the emotes were turned on, I still can’t see some. I checked the emote menu and the emotes people were putting in the chat didn’t appear (as in they weren’t in the Channel emotes, Global emotes, or any other section).
Is this an actual problem with BetterTTV or are people just typing out the emotes from other channels that don’t appear? Or rather, do emotes that people don’t have selected for their channel still appear when someone uses it?

The channel is Cirno_TV, and the some of the emotes I noticed that I can’t see are MingLow, nepSmug, and NyanPasu.

Those emotes are not in cirno’s channel on BetterTTV

So are people just coming from other channels that DO have them and using the emotes assuming people know what they mean?

They may be using a different extension

Ah, didn’t even think of that. I’ll take a look into it, thanks.

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