Can't get Timers to work anymore

A few days ago Nightbot stopped posting to my YouTube channel during live streams. I tried to kick it into action with !Commercial and now the timer triggers but I get this:

5:50 PM
Nightbot​Pharaoh TV -> Invalid commercial length specified. Usage: !commercial [length in secs] [silent]

Can someone help please?

Channel is

It is not possible to use commercials on YouTube, sorry. Their API does not grant us access to that ability.

ok, But timers have been working and now they just stopped??? How can I get passed this error and get them running again?

If you messed up your timer and cannot figure out how to fix it, delete the timer and make a new one.

I have also done that as well. It still continues to mess up? Is there a command that I can do in YouTube chat or something that I can reset Nightbot? Like I said. It was working and then a few days ago just stoped posting to my chat. It’s there and timeouts people but the timer just stops working

If you’re using Nightbot on YouTube, timers will not reliably post messages to chat due to YouTube’s spam filtering preventing Nightbot from repeating messages. There’s nothing we can do about that, unfortunately. You can try lowering the timer to repeat hourly with the minimum line count, but there’s no guarantee it will work.

WOW, Thats weird that it would work reliably and then stop?? Do you have another suggestion to have Nightbot post messages to the Chat Log?

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