Can't get nightbot to edit commands in chat, please help!

I’ve been using nightbot for a couple of weeks now and since the beginning I’ve been unable to add commands in twitch chat. I’ve searched these forums and the Net in general for a solution to this problem, removing AdBlock and downloading the Desktop version was unfruitful. I’d really like to continue using nightbot, but it’s just not really worth it if I can’t edit commands on the fly in chat. Please let me know what I can do to solve this issue.

You use the !commands command to edit commands. Read the docs at for examples and more information.

I’ve tried using the !commands command. As an example:

!commands add !cheese Cheese is Love Cheese is Life <3

Nothing happens in chat or nightbot…

Sorry guys, I feel extremely dumb right now… I’ve finally discovered that the !commands command was disabled in nightbot, now wonder it would’nt work. Thanks for your support!

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