Can't Enable Song Request

Hi there!

I’m trying Song Request for the first time and I can’t seem to either enable Songs On or Songs Off. Clicking on either of them does nothing.

I’ve also downloaded the file to add to OBS and after clicking on “currentsong.exe” the window pops up and proceeds to tell me, “NoneType object has no attribute encode”.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here. Can anybody please point me in the right direction? I have yet to add any songs or have any song requests. I assumed some would be built in to start? I tried typing !songs in my own channel with Nightbot active as well as !songrequest with a URL but nothing happens.

Update: Nevermind! Sorry! Added a song and it seems to be working now. That’s what happens when you rush things ya know?

That said, is there a way to put a space between the Username Current song instead of it being Requested By: UsernameCurrent Song?

Update #2 There seems to be a conflict with OBS and Song Request automatically making OBS no longer detect the Avermedia LGP capture device.

It’s not possible for song requests to break OBS, as they are two separate programs. If you’re having issues specific to OBS, I’d consult their forum.

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