Can't Connect To YouTube Live Streams


I’ve set up the back end of NightBot, have linked my account and have made Nightbot a moderator but none of the commands or timed messages are working.

Here is my channel;

I have 3 live streams concurrently running, could that be the issue?

I’d really appreciate your support.


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I dont know about this but just check one thing that in nighbot dashboard click on Join channel (on top right corner)!
Or wait for a reply from expert.

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Thank you yanef, I’ve hit the join in the top right corner previously as well as making sure I’m live when connecting Nightbot.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Check out this article, maybe it will help you.

Hi yanef thank you. I figured it out. I had multiple accounts in my YouTube account and I was connected to the wrong account.

I had to create a new account and transfer all the settings to the new account. Now I have to visit through a new private window/incognito window because it automatically remembers the account with the wrong YouTube channel.

Any ideas how to remove the “wrong” account so I can have the correct account be the one that is linked immediately.

I’m using Firefox browser.


On top right corner you will see your profile pic (small round logo next to bell icon on dashboard page)
Click it.
Click logout.
Now select Youtube. This will redirect you to Authorize permission page. However, it will automatically select your previous logged in youtube id. You need to select the Not you (On top) option and need to login with new id.
I am afraid you need to do this every-time you want to change your youtube id.

However, if you have chrome then in it you can make different users in it. (Click on your profile pic on top left and then manage people and then add user)
From this you can login with different youtube mails in different users and login in nightbot through it.
For each user, you will have one youtube id (basically your mail id) and one nightbot id.
This way you can simply change the user and log in to required nightbot dashboard. This wont annoy you as you dont need to log in everytime you want to change nightbot id. Simple user switching.

I am not familiar with Firefox but am pretty sure it also has this feature. Try it.

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Hi yanef,

Thank you this was great.

Much appreciated!

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