Can't add emote I uploaded myself as a personal emote

Emote I uploaded doesn’t have the “add as personal emote” button.

We don’t currently have a way request a manual review on your emote so it can be used as a personal emote. In the meantime, you can report your emote and request it be approved for use as a personal emote.

I reported it and it was manually approved. Still I see “Only available in JackJofa’s chat” instead of add channel/personal buttons.

Have you tried enabling sharing and refreshing?

When the emote is shared, the “Only available…” text goes away, but no add buttons. Even after making emote shared and logging in with another browser. At least previously personal emotes didn’t need to be shared.

Yeah you’re right, the emote doesnt need to be shared. I see what the problem is, gif emotes can’t be added as personal emotes, so you should convert it to a non-gif (since its not animated) and reupload it.

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