Cannot specify queue type for league commands

I have found [this issue]( about being able to specify the queue type within the league command for nightbot, but somehow it doesn’t work for me.

The command I am specifiying is:
$(leagueoflegends <summoner-name> <region> ranked_flex_sr, but it always defaults to the solo queue rank.

Any ideas what I am missing?

Hey @goobydaddy!

Jut a shot in the dark, because I’m unsure as to how LoL works on that front, but is it possible for some stats to be private, and not the rest? If that’s the case, you’d just need to make them public.

Hey @Emily .
Potentially yes. But those stats are public on every profile, so sadly this is not really the case here

I see. Can you copy/paste your command here?

Put the command on a new line, itself preceded by a new line, after 4 spaces so it formats it properly:


$(leagueoflegends samplesummoner euw ranked_flex_sr)

Welp, I’m sorry, your command looks right to me, and I have too few knowledge in how that API works, maybe @night will be able to help once he has a minute.

Can you specify a summoner name that is producing an incorrect result?

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