Cannot Download BTTV

Cant seem to download BTTV with firefox, i have bitdefender and cant
seem to turn it off to allow it to download.Anyone know how to fix this?

You can try resetting your Firefox profile:

  1. Close Firefox
  2. Navigate to %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in Windows Explorer
  3. Delete the xxxxxx.default folder.
  4. Reopen Firefox and try to install BetterTTV again

I have just literally did the exact instructions you gave, and nothing changed.
I am unable to install BTTV at all. Or get FFZ back on (just to add) - Apparently the new FF update has absolutely given no thought to these programs, as I wish to use them, and have the entire page of twitch be darkened (eyes hurt enough on whitened screens) and not have only the chatroom and sidebars be that way… Player needs to be this way too.

Is there any other help you can offer?

If the profile reset did not fix the issue and you are getting a “Connection Failed” error when attempting to install the extension, you may need to disable your antivirus/internet security/firewall software as it may be conflicting.

I can’t even restart firefox if i delete the xxxxxxxx.default folder. So what can i do to get bttv back? :c

You should have Firefox closed before deleting the directory. Firefox will recreate the directory when it re-opens. If it does not, you may need to reinstall Firefox.

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