Can we customize "Current Song" text output?

So, I use song requests in many streams, and I have the current song label in a scrolling text bar on OBS (Studio). Now, the thing is that it looks a bit ugly:

Basically, I’d like to be able to change the format of the custom text, so that:

  1. I can translate the “Requested By” to spanish
  2. I can place a bit of space between the end and the beggining of the scrolling text

Is this doable in the current version of the Nightbot App for Windows?

No, it is not doable with the currently released nightbot app for windows. It will be coming in the next version.

Other responses have been made in the forum:

Oh, sorry for reposting then. I searched to see if it was already asked, but it seems I didn’t search good enough :confused:

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