Can someone please tell me how I can make the background ANY MORE TRANSPARENT on this one?


Rejected because the background apparently wasn’t transparent enough. Also I can’t re-upload it because I can only upload 5 per week (for whatever reason) despite the fact that the e-mail told me to re-submit it when I “fix the problem(s)”. Can someone please give me a hand on this one?

Just taking a guess here but it could be that the dark background (which may be hair?) is being seen as a section of black background rather than what it actually is. Doesn’t help with the 5 upload per week thing but could be worth a mention next time you upload (assuming there is a comments box or something).

The 5 per week is an abuse cooldown, our emote quote is large enough as it is. If that black region is hair then please put it as the justification, otherwise it looks like a black background that could be removed.

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