Can someone explain regulars to me?

Can someone explain to me what regulars can do or be given the ability to do, I understand they’re a higher level than standard viewers but that’s about it.

It’s just a separate rank from “Everyone”(else). So if you have any kind of filter/protection/custom commands around, you can make it so “Regulars” are exempt or are the only ones allowed to use certain things. But it’s all mostly up to you. You decide whether Regulars get anything special or not.

Example of use with a command:
!addcom !hello -ul=regular Hello there!

… would make it so only “Regulars” (and above [i.e.: Moderators, Owner]) can use the !hello command and get a “Hello there!” response from Nightbot.

If you wanted that same command from above be only accessible to Regulars, you could do something like:
!addcom !hello $(eval "$(userlevel)" === "regular" ? "Hello there!" : "You're not full-blown Regular!")

Everyone will be able to use the !hello command, but only Regulars will get a “Hello there!” response from Nightbot. Everybody else (including Moderators and even the Owner of the channel) will get “You’re not full-blown Regular!”.

Thank you, really appreciate it

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