Can nightbot delete a mod's comment?

I have a pretty extensive blacklist as I am a family friendly channel and am curious if there is a way nightbot will remove a message if a mod slips up. I set the blacklist option on Owner level for exempt but when I tried testing it the mods message still stayed up but was followed by my standard nightbot find a better word reply. Is there a setting I am missing to have it also auto-remove a mods message?

Hey @chim3ric!

Mods can’t timeout other mods, just like regular mods can’t either, so Nightbot can’t delete your mods messages.

Hey @chim3ric

Your best option for this is to set up another bot which can act as you (able to chat through your account) and set it to delete the infringing moderator’s messages.

The last thing you want to do is timeout a mod, as broadcaster, because then you have to re-mod after.

Depending on the order of actions, this will cause the moderation log to show some weird things, as one bot tries to time out a viewer, and another tries to only delete the message, but it will have the desired effect on keeping your chat profanity free.

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