Can Nightbot be setup to delete only the message with a blacklisted term?


I’m trying to use Nightbot’s blacklist to automatically detect Pokemon Go friend codes and tell the user who posts them that the twitch chat isn’t a place to share them (just gets too spammy). This works pretty well with a set of regular expressions, but when a user posts a friend code Nightbot both deletes the message with the code and some number (all?) of their previous messages.

Is there a setting on Nightbot so that, when it sees a blacklisted message, it only deletes that one message and times the user out for the specified time?

Hey @aeturnum!

Nightbot times out the user who sent a blacklisted word for a few seconds, which purges all the other messages previously sent as well. You can’t have both a time out and keep all the messages preceding the one that matched with your blacklisted words list. That’s not how Twitch’s chat work.

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Thanks @Emily, that makes sense.

Does Nightbot have a feature where it will delete messages that match a filter without timing out the user? I didn’t see one in the docs but I could have missed it.

Sadly it doesn’t, sorry. For that you can use Twitch’s Moderation settings, that said, it doesn’t work with regular expressions.

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Alright, thank you for the info. Appreciate it and appreciate the bot.

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