Can I set the bot to respond the same thing with different command names?

Like for example a viewer say “hi/hello/hey/yo(or hi in any other language)” without make an command for every “keyword” or something? If I have to make an command for every keyword, my command list will be a mess

Hey @lolicon!

You can use alias commands, but that’ll add more commands to your commands list, so that’s not what you want, but there’s not really any work around to this.

Also, if you want my opinion, viewers tend to avoid chats with bots answering to everyone saying hi or similar things really, I get the intent, but that’s doesn’t usually delivers the results you were expecting.

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Yeah yeah, it was just an example, what I really want to do is avoid people using commands like !uptime and saying something like “when did you start the stream?” Or every other way to ask about the uptime, also I want it to track words inside the sentence, like (example) “AMA/AMA?” in “when will you do an AMA?” But it doesn’t detects the single word at lease it’s on the begging of the sentence

Yeah, Nightbot only reads the first words of messages, you can set up sentences to be a command with a work around, but it’s too restrictive to be really interesting, unless it’s a very specific sentence used often.

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