Can I set a timer message to not repeat ??? Maybe Multiple Command?

I’d love to start a timed message that does not repeat… i.e. At 15 minutes after a stream but not repeat ever. Then have another timer go off at say 45min after I started the stream, then maybe 90 min never repeating??? Sorta like this.

I understand fully if I put 15 min it’ll go off every 15 minutes (yuck- boring content right there) plus after several hours of streaming, that same stupid message has been seen a ridiculous number of times.

MAYBE I could use this: ? Instructions here are not super clear. Will my First message Repeat? HOW MANY messages can I have per stream?

Thanks in advance ! I appreciate your helping this goober <3

This might be possible actually with the use of the qoute api. But it wouldn’t be simple to do. I’ll try and work something out for you in a little bit. So you want one at 15 one at 45 and one at 90? If that’s all you want I can probably get it to you later today.

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holy moly!
I bet from there I could learn how to make more etc. You are a diety plus you are a really a cute cat. I’ve never seen a kitty that could code :smiley_cat:

Ok so first go to this link:
And generate your tokens.
They come inbetween token= and &data
The public token is 8 digits and private token is 16 digits.
Then put the tokens in the respective places in the command.
Do not share the private token with anyone.

Ok so here are the commands

The timer:

$(eval a=`$(urlfetch json`.split(`,`);T=`$(twitch $(channel) "{{uptimeLength}}")`.replace(/\s+/g,`:`);x=0;for(i=0;i<a.length;i++){b=a[i].split(` `);if(b[0]==`channel:is:not:live`){if(T!=`channel:is:not:live`){x=1}else{x=0}}else{x++};if(x==1||x==3||x==6){R=`Yes`}else{R=`No`}};`,`+T+` `+R)

Set interval to 15 and chat lines to 2
Fill in your token
Set alias to _timer or whatever you want the second part to be called

Second part of command call it _timer or something similar:

$(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(query))`;`$(2)`==`Yes`?`YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE`:` `)

Set userlevel to moderator
Add through the dashboard so no one can get your private token
fill in your token and message

If you need any further assistance feel free to say so.
The message repeats at 15 mins 45 mins and 90 mins.


My mouth is agape and I sit here in utter Awe! I can’t wait to implement this when I get to my PC in the morning! I’ll likely dream about it tbh <nerd alert I know .

Thanks a bajillion @potatoeaterlove !

:boom:oh ,my gosh! I am so excited! SO I have the rest of the day to make sure I get this right. I’m utterly blown away you did this!!!

So my challenge is this: I have an artist mind with zero programming inclinations whatsoever. I did great in symbollic logic at Rice because there were symbols rather than numbers and welp- that was my extent of encounter with figures.

I clicked the link and see where to put the commands BUT where do I put all that info??? Maybe on these lines on the multiple commands page? please forgive my deeply entrenched ignorance on all this.

*lays a no-cruelty-to-animals-or-hoomans sacrifice at the feet of potatoeeaterlove,


Ok so the link just generates your tokens. You then put the public and private token in the respective spots in the commands and hen add it through you nightbot dashboard. The timer in the timers section and the alias in the custom commands section.

Hey @yvonna!

Sorry to jump in like that @potatoeaterlove, I thought a creative mind like Yvonna would benefit from screenshots, I hope you don’t mind, haha!

Alright, so once you clicked on the link, you’ll get your tokens like this:

Then go here and create a new timer like described:

And finally, to add the second and last part of the command go here:

Don’t forget to replace PUBLIC_TOKEN and PRIVATE_TOKEN by their respective values, as well as YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE in the second part of the command.

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Hi Hi Hi Emily!!
The screenshots helped a LOT and yet… This ludite needs one more tip pretty please.
That second part didn’t pop up for me. And so I tried to add another new one but I knew that wasn’t right… and it didn’t work. I’m wondering if my browser settings are preventing the second part to open the pop window as seen in the attachment? OR mayhap, I did something wrong? the first one worked fine and dandy… just sorta stuck and Wow! you guys are phenomenal!

oh it wouldnt let me attacj yet. But it as the second and the final part you sent me in the email

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You mean that when you click here it doesn’t open the panel to add the command?

If that’s the case it’s odd, I would suggest disabling your adblocker if you have any and refresh the page by pressing F5.

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ok- I’ll try that. Thx, Emily

oh it did! But only the first window… there was no second window asking for moderator or giving me a place to put the second token

@Emily make sense? I had the first part and entered my public token but not the 2nd message spot for the private token, user level, or cool down etc

It’s because the first one is a timer, the second one is a command, click on the links I included in the post with the screenshots.

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the links were a different color LIKE a hyperlink but didn’t actually link but I get it- I can just open command… derrrrrr… This is so embarrassing!

I did it! so I have the 1st public token in the timer, entered the 2nd private in the Commands and set it to moderator… What do I do with the 3rd token (2nd private token) and where do I put the messages that I want to go into the chat?.. I’m guessing in the message section BUT the tokens are there.
I’m betting you are just about ready to roll your eyes about now :grimacing:

The PRIVATE_TOKEN of the second and third commands you got when clicking on the link to generate them are identical.
And for the message replace YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE in the second part of the command. That being said, I’m not sure how @potatoeaterlove planned on the different messages?

Ok so you only generated 2 tokens the first and second private token are the same. Amp type the message you want to show in chat where it says “YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE” in the second command.

hahahahahaha Replace the “your message here” huh! wow… rocket science needed up inn this joint! Lemme make sure it works and if yes… let’s have virtual mimosas virgin or prosecco!

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Wait does she want different messages? If so that’s an easy fix.