Can i add playlists to nightbot like spotify and youtube?

As the title says I found a playlist of royalty free music I was wondering I can add it to nigthbot to let people skip etc

You can add YouTube playlists by using the ‘import’ button in the playlists section under ‘autodj’ as for skipping songs and stuff this page pretty much has you covered. !songs - Nightbot Docs you can than edit permissions/cooldowns and everything else via the default commands panel.

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Hey @kurobushii!

I’ll cover the Spotify part of the question since the YouTube playlist part was answered very well, Nightbot doesn’t support Spotify as it’s against their TOS.

Do I need to clear the default monster cat queue before i can see the import button?

Go onto the autodj page. Click blue settings button on the top right hand side. (A box will appear) make sure its on the ‘general settings page’ then you will see an option saying ‘playlist’ it will probably already be on the monstercat one, you need to select the option called ‘channel’ then click submit and then you should be able to see the import playlist button :slight_smile: hope I didn’t make that sound long winded, any issues just give me a shout.

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