Can anyone help me create a urlFetch command?

I’m a programmer but I can’t make a command work, I’ll try to explain what I need.
I have the following API "EDITED (I also have it with HTTPS on another hostname), note that when accessing this API there is a certain delay for it to be loaded successfully , I need to make a command for Twitch in which this command will make a “map” listing teamA vs teamB, I tried a few ways using $eval and fetchUrl but I was not successful. can anybody help me?
PS, this command is for the biggest streamer in Brazil.

If you can help me I won’t have enough words to thank you! <3

what does it say when u try?.. the delay may be an issue, nightbot only has so much time before i times out

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Hey @tk0tv!

Yeah, as @tiwosslave said, your issue likely is the loading time as Nightbot times out the connection after a couple milliseconds, you have to figure out a way to make it faster: maybe remove the keys that are heavy to generate and not used often, and/or cache the keys that don’t refresh often, or divide your API in multiple endpoints and only call the ones you need with the command.

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