Can alias commands show on Commands Page

The !commands page for Nightbot doesn’t update the “Message” column for an alias command. This leads to the row being blank when a new alias is created. Can this be updated so the fact it is an alias is reflected somehow?

Hey @perry8782!

The Message field doesn’t have to be filled if the command is created from the chat, which isn’t the case if the command is created from the dashboard, so if you see the Message field empty, this means it’s an alias.

However, what I like to do in order to specify it’s an alias, is to add $(query), you’ll need it if you need to pass written arguments to the command, and if you don’t need any it’ll be unused, so it will not interfere with anything. To set your alias command, this will do the job:

!addcom !alias -a=!command $(query)

But if you really need a more obvious way to see it’s an alias command, and if your regular command doesn’t need written arguments, you can simply add alias in the Message field without interfering with anything. In which case, use this:

!addcom !alias -a=!command alias

Ah, great! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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