Calling The Query From Another Command

I want to have a set of commands that looks something like this:

User: !cr (XYZ)
Nightbot: Your challenge (XYZ) has been added and is in #$(count)
User: !challenge
Nightbot: Current Challenge: (#1 from the count)

to explain, i need a command where viewers can submit a challenge, which will then be saved as a counted number, and if I/A viewer wishes to see the code, using !challenge, it will display the first submitted code. I know i will manually have to change the number on the count to update whenever i complete a challenge but I cant work out how to call the (XYZ) in !challenge

Sounds like this can be accomplished through a Custom API Quote System. See if this following thread can accomplish what your trying to do.

Yes it worked! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! Closing this thread for completeness.