Calling a random command and using text in the same command

i want to make an command called “argument” (with quotes) that takes the query from the user and says the whole thing back, with the text: “is a” (without quotes) “bad/interesting” (random between the two, without quotes) “argument” (without quotes)

it would look like:

“argument” this works

nightbot: this works is a interesting argument

this is a little too advanced for me and after hours I cant figure it out. also i tried using a random quote but it appears that I get a random " 0. " before each quote, also I can’t integrate a quote into the same command as text for some reason…

Hey @mista_woke!

Your command is pretty simple, read the documentation and the forum.

!addcom "argument" $(eval q=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`); r=[`bad`,`interesting`]; `${q} is a ${r[Math.floor(Math.random()*2)]} argument.`)
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Hola buenas, lo que estas diciendo si es posible hacer lo unico que tenes que hacer es poner !argumento en donde dice el nombre y escribir tu nightbot despues vas para abajo y dice "“alias”"y ahí pones ““es un”” o lo que quieras,y cuando vas a un directo de youtube o twich y pones es un va a poner lo que dice el !argumento espero que te ayude si no funciona deberas de ver videos para saber #AcaAyudamos :wink::v:

I don’t know any Javascript, just scanned the document on eval… so thanks for this, I would have hurt my head trying to figure it out

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