Call output from a command

This adds a number to the count
-ul=moderator 2020SpeakUp WORLD PREMIERE $(count) EarthDay

This resets the count
-ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !count -c=-0

I want the views to enter a command !how which enables them to find out what the current count is on. Can anyone help me if this is the right coding to enter.

!commands edit !how $(eval count = $(count); $(query) == “count” ? DJ played ${count} : " " World Premiere’s)

Hey @realises_1!

Here’s a link to one of the multiple posts I set up something like you want, I’m sure you can adapt it to your needs:

I would appreciate it if you could check my coding.
Many thanks.

!show $(user)DJ has played 0 World Premieres.

!count -ul=moderator 2020SpeakUp WORLD PREMIERE $(count) EarthDay

!how -ul=mod -a=!edit !show $(twitch $(channel) “$(user) DJ has played $(count) World Premieres.”)

!countreset -ul=mod -a=edit !count -c=0

It doesn’t look right to me, I could help you fix it if you tell me what each commands are for, because besides !countreset I don’t understand what you’re trying to have the bot say/do.

Shows how many World Premieres have been played.
!show $(user)DJ has played 0 World Premieres.

Add one to the World Premiere count.
!count -ul=moderator 2020SpeakUp WORLD PREMIERE $(count) EarthDay

If a viewer asks how many World Premieres is the DJ on.
!how -ul=mod -a=!edit !show $(twitch $(channel) “$(touser) DJ has played $(count) World Premieres.”)

!countreset -ul=mod -a=edit !count -c=0

Okay, but then isn’t !how a duplicate of !show? I really don’t see the difference.
And for the rest it just seems like a big mess…

Alright, so for your commands I would go like this:

!addcom !wp $(user) DJ has played 0 World Premieres
!addcom !addwp -ul=mod -a=!editcom !wp $(eval `$`+`(user)`) DJ has played $(count) World Premieres
!addcom !resetwp -ul=mod -a=!editcom !addwp \-c=0

Call !wp to show the number of world premieres that were played, call !addwp to add 1 world premiere to the counter, call !resetwp to reset the !addwp counter, this won’t update !wp, if you want it to show 0 world premiere after !resetwp, add the following !zerowp command and call it after !resetwp:

!addcom !zerowp -ul=mod -a=!editcom !wp $(eval `$`+`(user)`) DJ has played 0 World Premieres

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