[BUG] - Users avoiding link spam protection

The link spam protection used on Discord (Not sure if it applies to Twitch as well, I haven’t tried) but when you use a whitelist of links then anything on the whitelist can be used to avoid blocked links from being removed by using them as a URL anchor.
For example, let’s say facebook.com is the only link on my whitelist, obviously, Twitter links should be removed, however, if the Discord user posts the following:
https://twitter.com/ExampleUser#facebook.com then Nightbot will treat the link posted as a Facebook link and do nothing about it.

We don’t support wildcards in whitelists, so that would not be a valid whitelist and should get blocked by the filter with that example link.

Well I don’t use wildcard links in the whitelist, it was just an example… corrected the original post anyway.

The whitelist should properly handle that case now

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