[Bug] Unknown entries in "Song requests"

In the section of “Song requests” (in both “AutoDJ” and “Playlist”) are entries with aren’t either on my playlist, nor watch list, nor even in my profile and are displayed as shared by me (including a song queue, with is immune to clearing attempt).

Please fix it asap

Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, we can take a look provided we have a Twitch channel name or YouTube link.

Yes, I still experience it. I don’t know why the bot does behave this way and display “promoted songs” as me, even if those aren’t anywnere (watch, fav’s, etc.) in my profile

You can change the default playlist in the song request settings to “Channel” and then you will not see tracks from our default playlists.

Hello. As I had mentioned in my post, I had opened the link generated thru the bot.

I don’t like to repeat myself, but the album (with is allegedly shared by me) from the mentioned above site doesn’t exist in my playlist, watchlist, profile, etc.

Hey @mcgiwer!

That’s why Night is suggesting that the bot is using a playlist different than the one you made for your channel, and to fix that you have to select Channel as your Playlist setting:

If that’s not the issue, I suggest you answer to Aaron’s message:

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