(bug) BTTV click to insert emoticons wont appear

i been use BTTV since last year and as of today i cant seem to get the click to insert emoticons button will not appear, i can do with out it but i would like to know if this a just me or other people are having this issue

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i am having the same issue as well… the little smiley face that lists all the emotes i have access to is not appearing at all…

The developer of the “Twitch Chat Emotes” extension is tracking this over at https://github.com/night/BetterTTV/issues/160

I really miss this feature. I’ve had to keep an individual tab open in Chrome for each channel I subscribe to so I can access the emotes from that channel.

Having access to all emotes I subscribe to or have access to, in one button has spoiled me for sure.

I’ve checked github and can’t see any updates on this issue; Only that it is a bug. Any update as to the return of this feature would be appreciated.

I’ve been experiencing the same exact issue for about 2 - 3 days now. I used this feature quite often. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Standalone has been fixed, and the required API for BetterTTV (and FrankerFaceZ) was added as well. More info can be found at issue #72 and you can install the standalone at the home page. Support for BTTV emotes is up to the BTTV devs, but the API is there now.

I have the same problem and another one: I can’t open any link to gifthub.com (including “Report a bug”), get always a 404-page :frowning:

GitHub issues for the BetterTTV project were disabled due to everyone creating duplicates of the same issue.

This issue is now resolved. Clear your cookies and cache if you cannot see the button.

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