BTTV won't install on New Firefox

Hello everyone,

I’ve never had this issue before when installing BTTV on Firefox. However now I am getting the failure to install extension notification which is typically involved with having the firewall/antivirus active. Downside, neither of those are active when I tried installing, so there is something else at play here and I’m not sure what else to do.

Let me know if there is another fix as I really can’t watch Twitch without BTTV :slight_smile:


I am using Firefox’s nightly (ver 59) and BTTV is working fine, so i can say that it’s not an issue with the new Firefox, this is something that people have experienced before in the past.

I forgot how some people solved it, but i think the solution was something along the lines of downloading the .xpi from in another browser and then trying to manually install it into firefox. Instead of trying to do both in one step.

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That looks like it has worked but I will verify, thanks for the help!

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