BTTV Volume Controller

So, we all know how Twitch’s settings are with the Audio Slider for Volume Control.

I’d love to see an option to replace that Audio Slider with a Numerical % in exchange for easier times while lurking in multiple streams at the same time.

The Idea of this can go on from various reasons. Some can be where you’re a streamers and you have other’s streaming alongside with you. So to prevent them from losing views if there was a way to just input the streamer audio to say 1% so it doesn’t impact your own stream. This will help you support other creators while at the same time doing what you do best.

This is a similar feature I do all the time with a Spotify Plugin on my Elgato Stream Deck when I’ll use my Stream Deck Buttons to put the volume to 50% when I’m on an Intermission and then change it to 20% while I’m on camera and then to support my favourite artists, I’ve got 1 volume key for 1% Volume so when I’m watching other streamers or playing a game I need to focus on. The Music still plays and nothing is interfering.

This is also a cool idea for YT when you’re flipping in between videos for things and someone joins you in a voice call and you can easily lower the volume to a % instead of a Slider

If there was a feature for Volume Control to set individual Browser tabs to specified audio levels. I’d love to see this become a feature.

Hey @lots_of_pyro!

For BetterTTV feature requests, open an issue on the GitHub repository, please check if it hasn’t been requested before.

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