BTTV Settings Not Showing Up

It was working last night but is gone today. The settings are all gone from my gear icon so I can’t access the emote menu either. I already cleared out all of my history/cache/cookies and I redownloaded the extension but it still isn’t working.


same issue ive tryed everything even reinstalling chrome and resetting it to default settings and it doesnt seem to work at all even the options tab on the BTTV extension top right of browser is grayed out


Yeah, I’m having the same issues. I’m assuming it’s a BTTV Issue though, because nothing is showing up on Opera, Chrome, nor Firefox on either of my PCs.
They’ll fix it soon if it’s on their end, if it happens to be our ends, then it must be very, very, coincidental.

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I think this might be because browsers pushed an update that breaks cross-domain cookies. best I can tell, BTTV uses a cookie on ext-twitch dot tv in order to save your preferences, but that cookie needs to be configured for cross-domain access.

I’m having the same issue (Chrome). Ran through the debugging post.
It mentions betterttv in the Java console with the following line:
“DevTools failed to parse SourceMap: chrome-extension://ajopnjidmegmdimjlfnijceegpefgped/”

This message stays even if I get rid of all my other extensions.

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Thanks so much guys! :slight_smile: I figured I’d post since no one else had so I wasn’t sure if it was just me or BTTV in general. I’ll just patiently wait it out then.

Also having the same problem and did all the trouble shooting.

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Yep, BTTV Settings is GAWN! It’s jus’ GAWN!
Dissenter browser 1.4.95 (based on Brave).

Same problem here cant see the bttv buttons and the emote PepeHands, tried clearing cash and reinstalling didnt work Please this is a life threatening situation 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

Same issue for me with Chrome OS/Chrome Browser. Working fine last night but now BTTV settings are not showing up in the chat cog wheel options and emotes not showing in chat. However, under my Twitch Account --> Settings --> Connections it shows that I am connected to the extension. Tried logging out of BTTV, disconnected it from Twitch, cleared cache, cookies, reinstalling the extension, restarting browser, etc to no avail. Must be an issue on their end.

exact same here i hope it gets fixed

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same :expressionless: It’s just not the same without bttv emotes :sob:

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same FeelsBadMan just not the same anymore

The bug has just been fixed:

It is fixed as of v7.2.76
If you use firefox or our userscript it will work
Will take time for chrome addon update to go through review

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Same worked fine till an hour ago PepeHands

Same thing here. Now I can see the BTTV Settings but when I click on it nothing happens. Trying to reactivate GIF’s because I can not see them…

same problem for me, i think it’s just about time for them to fix

I am seeing NO fonts . . . and the font I had set up is gone, waiting it out.

Yeah the menu is definitely gone, if I remember it’s in chat settings if I’m correct? I can’t even see my BTTY emoji menu anymore.

As an update, we are still waiting on Chrome’s Web Store team to review our extension update.

If your extension on Firefox or Chrome is version 7.2.65 or below then you have not yet received the update we released today and will continue to have issues until you do.

If you use Firefox, you can update or reinstall our addon to get the update.

You can also install Tamper Monkey and install our userscript on Chrome, Opera, and Edge for an instant fix.

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