BTTV not working

It’s possible this is an issue with the latest version of Firefox, does downgrading to Firefox 36 fix the problem?

Updating to the new version 37.0.2 didn’t change anything, I’ll try downgrading when I get the chance.

I downgraded to 36 and 35. no changes. upgraded to 37.2 no changes

Well unfortunately since I cannot replicate the problem, it must be local.

Try to delete your Firefox profile:


Edit: Apparently Adblock might be breaking BetterTTV. So try disabling that too.

Hello, I was having the same problem with FireFox. What I noticed was Ad-Block Plus had began to bug other sites that I used and I disabled it. However, that didn’t work. I did all the steps that you listed except messing with the XPI file. I then went to Twitter and asked people what ad-blocker they use/prefer and I came across uBlock. I then installed it, and I think (it turns on by default), I then disabled Ad-Block Plus and BTTV all of a sudden worked. I don’t know if it’s with the newest update from FireFox or what, but I am on the latest version of FireFox and BTTV is still working.

won’t deleting my profile get rid of all my bookmarks and everything else?

The idea is that for some reason your profile is now corrupted. You can always move it elsewhere and restore it if the issue isn’t fixed.

Resetting Firefox automatically creates a new profile, which I’ve done on 37.0.1 and 37.0.2 with no results. Both times I installed BTTV without Ad Block Plus or any other extensions.

If I may ask, where did you get the old versions from? I can’t find any downloads from a Mozilla or other trustworthy site.

I googled Firefox version 36 and it gave me a firefox link where you could install older versions for various software reasons. This is where I found it.

Huh. Don’t know why I couldn’t find that, but thanks. Lo and behold, BTTV does work on Firefox 36.0.4 for me. It takes a brief second to load after opening a stream, but it’s definitly there. It works with Adblock Plus installed as well.

Thanks for the help Night and ToySoldier!

P.S. Automatic theatre mode Kreygasm

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